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Rafal Urniaz

Research Interests

My research concentrates on the Immunosenescence by understanding health, ageing and disease state of determinants, risk factors and pathways (identification of molecular and pathophysiological pathways characteristic of healthy ageing as well as health deterioration caused by time, exposure to environmental factors and disease accumulation). The project responds to the call by concentrating on the immune system, a key component of health and health deterioration over the course of life; highlighting ageing related changes of the immune system and detecting genetic and non-genetic factors, such as infections and smoking, that impact them; revealing mechanisms and pathways of ageing of the immune system and its clinical consequences; providing biomarkers to help determine the physiological course of ageing and ageing-associated health deficits; suggesting possible supplementations or inhibitions of cell types and/or cytokines to minimize the negative features of ageing and the course of disease – for example, to maintain or restore vaccination response and provide molecular and epidemiological targets for development of therapeutic intervention; and highlighting strategies for stratified medicine efforts to prevent and treat immune system deterioration over the lifespan.


genetics ; autoimmunity ; co-stimulation ; cross-sectional and cohort studies ; B cells ; cytokines ; Immunosenescence ; molecular modelling ; statistical analysis ; bioinformatics ; sequencing (NGS) ; T cell receptor (TCR) ; regulatory T cells