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Lewis Bell

Research Interests

Supervisor: Dr John James

I am currently working to better understand how the pre-T cell receptor (TCR) differs at a molecular and mechanistic level during early thymocyte development and β-selection checkpoint.  Utilising a reconstituted pre-TCR system to manipulate signalling in both HEK293T cells and in vitro differentiated thymocytes with lentiviral transduction followed by flow cytometry and microscopy I determine the cellular localisation and developmental effects of TCR complexes.

Supervisor: Dr Martin Turner

I am interested in the role of post-transcriptional mechanisms that govern and control early T-cell differentiation.  The Turner lab has previously created a conditional double knock-out of two RNA binding proteins; Tis11b (Zfp36l1) and Tis11d (Zfp36l2).  This conditional dKO develops a severe T-acute lymphoblastic like leukaemia (T-ALL) like disease but has perturbed thymic development prior to disease onset.  My PhD project is focussing on the mechanisms behind the control of early thymocyte differentiation and development by these RNA binding proteins.


T lymphocyte ; thymocytes ; mRNA decay ; microscopy ; cell signalling ; Gamma Delta T cells ; ubiquitin E3 ligase ; cell development ; ZAP-70 ; mouse immunology ; flow cytometry ; cellular immunology ; cell biology ; immune development ; T cell receptor (TCR) ; TCR triggering ; AREBP ; live cell imaging ; lymphocyte activation ; development ; molecular biology ; immune regulation ; T cell differentiation ; activation ; T cells ; gamma delta T cells ; cell fate decision ; lymphocytes, ; immune cell differentiation ; 3′ UTR ; immune response ; ligands ; lymphoma ; immune signalling ; T-cell receptor complex ; signal transduction ; cell culture ; cell differentiation ; fluorescence microscopy ; stem cells ; LAT ; FACS ; signalling ; mRNA targets ; optogenetics


  • immunology

Key Publications