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Cambridge Immunology Network



Supervisor: Professor Ziad Mallat


My research is focused on inflammatory responses in atherosclerotic mouse models. Atherosclerosis, an inflammatory disease of the arterial wall, remains one of the most frequent causes of death in the Western world. It is well established that both innate and adaptive immunity influence the initiation and progression of this disease.  In particular, my interest lies in responses to B cell activating factor (BAFF), an essential cytokine for B cell maturation.

We previously reported that atherosclerotic lesion development is reduced in mice deficient of BAFF receptor (BAFF-R). We hypothesise that BAFF signalling plays a significant role in directing the immune cell responses which contribute to vascular inflammation and atherosclerotic progression. One focus of this study is to assess levels of BAFF, its homologue APRIL (A PRoliferation-Inducing Ligand) and their receptors BAFF-R, TACI (transmembrane activator and calcium modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor) and BCMA (B cell maturation antigen) during the development and progression of atherosclerosis in different immune cell subsets.

I am also a committee member of the Cambridge science magazine, BlueSci. It is a fantastic resource that promotes the debate and communication of all things science.


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 Deirdre  Murphy
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