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Dr Helen Carter-Lock

Research Interests

My background is signal transduction within the immune system. More specifically concerning the function of receptors/co–receptors and signalling pathways in T cells and the consequences of altering these pathways, especially on cell migration and adhesion. I completed my PhD with Prof Doreen Cantrell in Dundee in 2006, after which I was a post-doc with Chris Rudd in Cambridge before moving to Glaxo SmithKline in Stevenage to continue research within drug discovery. I am also passionate about and enjoy the teaching of science through writing articles for The Naked Scientists and tutoring.



cell culture ; co-stimulation ; confocal microscopy ; co-stimulatory molecules ; anergy ; protein purification ; migration ; mass spectrometry ; differentiation ; antigen presentation ; interleukin ; cytokines ; T cell receptor (TCR) ; tolerance ; enzyme assays ; antigen processing ; activation ; T cells ; immune complexes ; traffic ; suppression ; protein structure/folding ; circulation ; signal transduction ; microscopy ; cell development ; fluorescence microscopy ; FACS ; signalling