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Dr Jean-Marc Doisne

Research Interests

I am interested in alloreactivity in Haematopoietic cell transfer. I am studying how recipient NK cells reject the graft and how donor NK cells reduce GvHD and mediate GvL. I assess the modulating role of PI3Ks in rejection, GvHD and GvL.


co-stimulation ; co-stimulatory molecules ; anergy ; natural killer cells ; migration ; differentiation ; cytokine/interleukin/chemokine receptors ; regulatory T cells ; T cell receptor (TCR) ; cytokines ; flow cytometry ; NK ; natural killer T cells (NKT cells) ; helper T cells ; perforin ; adhesion molecules ; memory cells ; interleukin ; inflammation ; tolerance ; enzyme assays ; GVHD ; GVL ; PI3K ; cytotoxic T cells (CTL) ; T cells ; gamma delta T cells ; suppression ; natural killer receptors ; cytotoxicity ; granzyme ; circulation ; lectins ; cell culture ; cell development ; chemokines/monokines ; FACS


  • reproductive immunology
  • cancer
  • transplantation


Key Publications

Doisne JM, Tan TC, Colucci F. Guardian of the genome turns on genes that alert natural killer cells. Cell Cycle. 2011 Nov 15;10(22):3822-3.

Doisne JM, Soulard V, Becourt C, Amniai L, Henrot P, Havenar-Daughton C, Blanchet C, Zitvogel L, Ryffel B, Cavaillon JM, Marie JC, Couillin I, Benlagha K, Crucial role of IL-1 and IL-23 in the innate IL-17 response of peripheral lymph node NK1.1- invariant NKT cells to bacteria. J Immunol. 2011 Jan 15;186(2):662 6,

Doisne JM, Becourt C, Amniai L, Duarte N, Le Luduec JB, Eberl G, Benlagha K, Skin and peripheral lymph node invariant NKT cells are mainly retinoic acid receptor-related orphan receptor (gamma)t+ and respond preferentially under inflammatory conditions. J Immunol. 2009 Aug 1;183(3):2142 9,

Doisne JM, Bartholin L, Yan KP, Garcia CN, Duarte N, Le Luduec JB, Vincent D, Cyprian F, Horvat B, Martel S, Rimokh R, Losson R, Benlagha K, Marie JC. iNKT cell development is orchestrated by different branches of TGF-beta signaling. J Exp Med. 2009 Jun 8;206(6):1365–78.

Lecuroux C, Girault I, Urrutia A, Doisne JM, Deveau C, Goujard C, Meyer L, Sinet M, Venet A, Identification of a particular HIV-specific CD8+ T-cell subset with a CD27+CD45RO-/RA+ phenotype and memory characteristics after initiation of HAART during acute primary HIV infection. Blood. 2009 Apr 2;113(14):3209–17.

Doisne JM, Castaigne JG, Deruyffelaere C, Dieu-Nosjean MC, Chamot C, Alcaide-Loridan C, Charron D, Al-Daccak R, The context of HLA-DR/CD18 complex in the plasma membrane governs HLA-DR-derived signals in activated monocytes. Mol Immunol. 2008 Feb;45(3):709–18.

Doisne JM, Urrutia A, Lacabaratz-Porret C, Goujard C, Meyer L, Chaix ML, Sinet M, Venet A, CD8+ T cells specific for EBV, cytomegalovirus, and influenza virus are activated during primary HIV infection. J Immunol. 2004 Aug 15;173(4):2410–8.