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John Sowerby

Research Interests

Supervisor: Ken Smith

My research focuses on the transcription factor Blimp-1 (encoded by the gene Prdm1) and its role in controlling terminal differentiation of immune cells. This involves characterising Prdm1 transcription at a basic molecular level, all the way to how this impacts on the function within different cell subsets. As several genetic variants around the Prdm1 locus have been associated with several autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, I also aim to explore the impact these variants may have on Prdm1, and how this relates to disease.


autoimmunity ; T cell memory ; B cells ; cytotoxic T cells (CTL) ; Blimp-1 ; co-stimulatory molecules ; T cells ; Prdm1 ; immune cell differentiation ; differentiation ; co-stimulation ; lymphocytes,