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Dr Steven Webster

Research Interests

I am interested in how pathogens and pathogen recognition receptors induce proinflammatory reprogramming of the host cell and how changes in cellular homeostasis such as metabolism and ER stress contribute to the inflammatory process. Im also interested in how pathogens, particularly bacteria, induce host cell death pathways such as apoptosis and ETosis.

I am currently investigating how infection of myeloid cells with intracellular bacterial parasites such as chlamydia, induce the activation of PKR and the integrated stress response causing production of IL-23, a cytokine implicated in the development of inflammatory pathology such as reactive arthritis. I am also investigating how changes in host metabolism may regulate this process.


PKR ; IL-23 ; apoptosis ; inflammation ; dendritic cells ; cytokines


  • chlamydia

Key Publications

S. J. Webster, M. Daigneault, M. A. Bewley, J. A. Preston, H. M.Marriott, S.R.Walmsley, R.C.Read, M.K.B.Whyte and D.H.Dockrell. Distinct cell death programs in monocytes regulate innate responses following challenge with common causes of invasive bacterial disease. Journal of Immunology 2010: 185; 2968-79