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Cambridge Immunology Network


*Recorded episodes will be available to view for two weeks only. 

Date Episode Speaker Affiliation Title Host Recorded episode*
15.01.21 15

Vigo Heissmeyer 

Helmholtz Zentrum München 

Post-transcriptional control of T cell differentiation 

Martin Turner  Not available.
22.01.21 16 Petter Brodin Karolinska Institutet Environmental exposures shape the immune system early in life Cecilia Dominguez Conde No longer available.
05.02.21 17 Kathy McCoy University of Calgary The role of microbes and microbial metabolites in regulation of host responsiveness Katharina Ramshorn No longer available.
19.02.21 18 Mohammad Nowroz Haqmal University of London Innovations to Tackle COVID19 Pandemic in South Asia Ankur Mutreja No longer available.
26.02.21 19 Alexander (Sandy) Douglas University of Oxford Accelerating vaccine development: from COVID-19 to the future Gavin Wright
05.03.21 20 Richard Jenner University College London Regulating the regulators: controlling transcription factor and chromatin modifier function during cell differentiation Rahul Roychoudhuri