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Department of Pathology

Principal Investigators
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Boyle, Louise 01223 333705 Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Cooke, Anne
Ferguson , Brian 01223 333714 University Lecturer
Goon, Peter
Graham, Stephen
Holmes, Nick
Kaufman, Jim
Kelly, Adrian
Moffett, Ashley
Stanley, Margaret Professor of Epithelial Biology
Sterling, Jane university lecturer
Trowsdale, John
Turner, Suzanne
Wilson, Shona 01223- 333332
Postdoctoral researchers
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Biedzka-Sarek, Marta
Chazara, Olympe +44 (0)1223 333 728
Ivarsson, Martin
Jackson, Nicola
Martin-Lopez, Alicia
Meziane, El Kahina Research associate
Newland, Stephen Research Associate
Radjabova, Valeria
Thaker , Raj
Wållberg, Maja Principal Investigator
Zaccone , Paola 01223 333716 Senior Research Associate (Prof. A. Cooke laboratory)
PhD researchers
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Barberá Betancourt, Ariana
Chen, Lei
Farnell, Edward
Gaynor, Louise
Iossifidou, Maria
Jakubczik, Fabian
Jones , Joshua
Kennedy, Pippa
Ku, Christian
Oefner, Carolin
Ploeg, Kattria 01223-333921
Riha, Pavel
Trigg, Ben
Wise, Daniel
Past members of the network
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Clark, Mike Retired (30th September 2014) as Reader in Therapeutic and Molecular Immunology
Hall, Sam
Hermann, Clemens
Siddle, Hannah
Sumner, Rebecca 01223 333713 Postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Geoffrey L. Smith
Yewdell, Jon
Steering committee
Name Phone Email Research Topic
Ferguson , Brian 01223 333714 University Lecturer
Trowsdale, John

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The Babraham Institute

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Mar 29, 2017

Homerton College, in Cambridge,

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Jun 08, 2017

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute

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