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The 18th Cambridge Immunology Forum – ‘Tissue-Resident Immunity'

The annual Cambridge Immunology Forum was at Queens' College Cambridge.

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Public Engagement!

The 2017 Cambridge Science Festival welcomed everyone to explore and discuss science through talks, hands-on activities, performances, exhibitions and films. This year we are ‘getting personal’, looking at health and disease, our place in the world and our impact on the environment in which we live. The Cambridge Immunology "Your personal immune army" exhibition and "The good, the bad and the ugly: antibodies, microbes and immunity" panel discussion were a great success!

Immunology PhD and Postdoc Day

The idea behind this event is to give the PhD students and Postdoc’s an internal event where they can showcase their work in a non-competitive environment, giving them the chance to prepare for external conferences. With input from our Immunology network PhD and post-doc committee, a programme will put together with several short talks form many of our Cambridge researchers. There will be two keynote talks from PI’s (Early and Established). There will also be a keynote talk from a special guest.

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British Society for Immunology Congress in Brighton 2017

The winner of Bright Sparks PhD session was Tomas Castro-Dopico for his talk on ‘Anti-commensal IgG augments intestinal inflammation in ulcerative colitis via IL-1β-dependent Th17 immunity’

Immunology PhD and Postdoc Committee

Want to be part of the Immunology PhD and Postdoc Committee - Join us!

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Patient and Public Involvement

Many members of the Cambridge Immunology Network are active in PPI. Find out more about who is involved and why PPI is important

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Computer-designed antibodies target toxins associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Jun 23, 2017

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have designed antibodies that target the protein deposits in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and stop their production.

The bug hunters and the microbiome

Jun 23, 2017

Trevor Lawley and Gordon Dougan are bug hunters, albeit not the conventional kind. The bugs they collect are invisible to the naked eye. And even though we’re teeming with them, researchers are only beginning to discover how they keep us healthy – and how we could use these bugs as drugs.

Professor Arthur Kaser- Congratulations to our new Academy of Medical Sciences Fellow

May 09, 2017

46 world leading UK researchers have been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr Andrew McKenzie- Congratulations to our new Royal Society Fellow

May 05, 2017

Dr Andrew McKenzie FMedSci FRS Fellow Elected: 2017

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