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Dr Yingting Mok

Research Interests

The role of microRNAs in B cells.


differentiation ; traffic ; migration ; lectins

Key Publications

Papeta N, Chen T, Vianello F, Gererty L, Malik A, Mok YT, Tharp WG, Bagley J, Zhao G, Stevceva L, Yoon V, Sykes M, Sachs D, Iacomini J, Poznansky MC. Long-term survival of transplanted allogeneic cells engineered to express a T cell chemorepellent. Transplantation. 2007 Jan 27;83(2):174–83.

Vianello F, Kraft P, Mok YT, Hart WK, White N, Poznansky MC.A CXCR4-dependent chemorepellent signal contributes to the emigration of mature single-positive CD4 cells from the fetal thymus. J Immunol. 2005 Oct 15;175(8):5115–25.