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Departments & Institutes

Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit

The Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit conducts powerful and detailed studies to identify and evaluate genetic, biochemical, lifestyle, and environmental risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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NIHR Cambridge BRC Cell Phenotyping Hub

The Immunophenotyping Hub contains state of the art cell sorters, FACS analysers and confocal microscopes.

NIHR Cambridge BRC Cell Phenotyping Hub - Read More…

Cambridge Institute of Public Health

Cambridge Institute of Public Health generates knowledge and evidence to improve global public health, using our research, teaching and analysis to promote well-being, prevent disease and reduce health inequalities.

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Upcoming events

The 19th Cambridge Immunology Forum – ‘Cancer Immunology’

Sep 20, 2018

Queens' College Cambridge.

Upcoming events

The new Capella building- CITIID

See the home of CITIID being built in this fantastic time-lapse video. From basement to water tight in 17 months. The Capella building will be finished in 2018.

FCEs provide interdisciplinary training programmes for students, fellows and continuing education physicians through FOCIS assisted opportunities

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