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Call for collaborative research proposals with GlaxoSmithKline

last modified Jun 15, 2016 03:38 PM
The University of Cambridge/ CUH/ GSK Joint Steering Committee (JSC) are pleased to announce a new call for collaborative Cambridge/GSK research proposals. This is the fourth annual call under the “Varsity” initiative which has to date funded 12 new collaborative medicine-focused projects. More information about the initiative can be found here.


The University of Cambridge/ CUH/ GSK Joint Steering Committee (JSC) are pleased to announce a new call for collaborative Cambridge/GSK research proposals. This is the fourth annual call under the “Varsity” initiative which has to date funded 12 new collaborative medicine-focused projects.  More information about the initiative can be found here.


Nature of proposals

  • Projects should have “line-of-sight” to a medicine with a focus on scientific excellence and unmet medical need rather than commercial objective. 
  • In addition, enabling/fundamental scientific projects which aim to address clear gaps in underpinning disease and drug mechanism understanding are welcome.  This may also include provision of funding to address technology challenges associated with drug discovery, development and clinical evaluation.
  • The partnership seeks to bring together world-leading academic and industry partners in true collaboration


Application process

Full details of the application process can be found in the call document here(  


Step 1 – For Cambridge PIs who do not yet have a GSK contact

Expression of interest – Deadline 8th July 2016, noon

·         Please review the call document on our website above, which gives an overview of current examples of research areas of interest to GSK (see brief list below)

·         However, GSK also welcomes ideas in any other area of scientific research supporting drug discovery and development 

·         Cambridge PIs who are interested in a collaboration with GSK are asked to submit a non-confidential Expressions of Interest (max 1  page) to Claire Allen (  by noon 8th July 2016 containing the following information:

  • Cambridge PI details
  • GSK Research Area of Interest (if applicable)
  • Cambridge PI area of interest/ expertise or project idea
  • EoIs will then be reviewed by GSK and where there is mutual interest, GSK and Cambridge leads will be partnered to enable outline project development



Step 2 - For Cambridge PIs who already have a GSK collaborator/contact or once partnered

Joint outline proposal Deadline 31st August 2016

  • Please submit an outline proposal to Dr Jana Voigt ( or Dr Tamsin Sayer ( by 31st August.  Further details re the format of the outline can be found in the call document
  • Following review by the JSC, competitive outline proposals will be invited to present to the JSC on 24thOctober.  



Step 3 - Full application – (By Invitation only) Deadline 30th November 2016

  • If successful a full application will be invited and a funding decision will be made in December. 



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either Jana or Tamsin as above.






GSK Research Groupings with a particular interest in collaboration


GSK Therapeutic Areas:

  • GSK R&D Respiratory Therapy Area: Stress and Repair Discovery Performance Unit        
  • GSK R&D Respiratory Therapy Area: Refractory Respiratory Inflammation Unit     
  • GSK R&D Respiratory Therapy Area: Fibrosis & Lung Injury and Fibrosis Discovery Performance Unit (FLI-DPU)
  • GSK R&D Immuno-Inflammation:   Epinova Epigenetics DPU 
  • GSK R&D Immuno-Inflammation:   Cytokine, Chemokine and Complement Discovery Performance Unit (C3DPU)  
  • GSK R&D Immuno-Inflammation:   Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRR) Discovery Performance Unit    
  • GSK R&D Diseases of the Developing World: Malaria, Tuberculosis and Kinetoplastid Discovery Performance Units        
  • GSK Bioelectronics R&D


GSK R&D: Target Sciences  


GSK R&D Platform Technology and Science (PTS) 

  • PTS Medicine Safety      
  • PTS Bioimaging   
  • PTS Innovation in Data Analytics; Bedside to Bench   
  • PTS Automation and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies  
  • PTS Biopharmaceuticals 



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