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Katharina Vogel

Research Interests

I aim at characterising the relationship between the RNA binding proteins Tis11b/d, their mRNA targets and their role in T cell development.



development ; thymocytes ; activation ; T cells ; cell culture ; antibody responses ; animal models ; fluorescence microscopy ; lymphocytes, ; FACS ; signalling ; RNA binding proteins ; mRNA targets ; T cell receptor (TCR)


  • cancer


Key Publications

Glasmacher, E., Hoefig, K.P.*, Vogel, K.U.*, Rath, N., Du, L., Wolf, C., Kremmer, E., Wang, X., and Heissmeyer, V. (2010). Roquin binds inducible costimulator mRNA and effectors of mRNA decay to induce microRNA-independent post-transcriptional repression. Nature Immunology 11, 725-U794.* equal contribution


Heissmeyer, V., and Vogel, K.U. (2013). Molecular control of Tfh-cell differentiation by Roquin family proteins. Immunological reviews 253, 273-289.


Vogel, K.U.*, Edelmann, S.L.*, Jeltsch, K.M., Bertossi, A., Heger, K., Heinz, G.A., Zoller, J., Warth, S.C., Hoefig, K.P., Lohs, C., et al. (2013). Roquin Paralogs 1 and 2 Redundantly Repress the Icos and Ox40 Costimulator mRNAs and Control Follicular Helper T Cell Differentiation. Immunity 38, 655-668.

* equal contribution