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Cambridge Immunology Network


Investigating the causes of excessive and aberrant immune responses which result in inflammation and autoimmune disease

Work on almost any aspect of immunology has implications for inflammation and autoimmunity. A number of groups work on areas of immune regulation specifically directed at these important problems, using both human and model systems. There are major strengths in the genetics of complex immune disease, with Cambridge researchers playing leading roles in recent Whole Genome Association studies in Type 1 diabetes (CIMR), inflammatory bowel disease (Department of Medicine) and multiple sclerosis (Department of Neurosciences), and in the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (Sanger Centre and others). Work on aspects of immune regulation directly applicable to autoimmunity is carried out in all major institutes and departments. Translational research into a number of immune and inflammatory diseases is undertaken at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, particularly in nephrology, rheumatology, respiratory medicine, neurology and transplantation. Finally clinical trials of novel immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory agents are coordinated from Cambridge.

Dr Daniele  Biasci
Research Fellow, Cambridge Alliance for Medicine Safety
Dr Menna   Clatworthy
University Lecturer in Transplantation Medicine
Professor Alastair  Compston
Professor of Neurology
Dr Maike  de la Roche
Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Group Leader
Dr Tammy  Dougan
Cambridge Cardiovascular Research Centres Manager
Senior Research Associate
Career Development Fellow
Dr Shaun  Flint
Translational Medicine and Therapeutics PhD Student
Professor Hill  Gaston
Emeritus Professor of Rheumatology
Dr Frances  Hall
Arthritis Research UK rheumatology lecturer
Dr Joanne  Jones
Wellcome-Beit Prize and Intermediate Clinical Fellow
Dr Aladdin  Mohammad
Honorary Consultant, Vasculitis and Lupus Clinic, Cambridge University Hospitals
Dr Judit  Molnar
Investigator- Drug Discovery Biologist at GSK
 Komal  Nayak
Lab Manager in the group of Matthias Zilbauer
Dr Nurulamin  Noor
NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow
Professor Klaus  Okkenhaug
Professor of Immunology
Dr Stefano  Pluchino
University Reader in Regenerative Neuroimmunology
Honorary Consultant in Neurology
Dr  Ondrej   Suchanek
Wellcome PhD Clinical Fellow
Dr Charlotte  Summers
University Lecturer