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Cambridge Immunology Network


Immune responses that involve activation of specialised cells, these are tightly regulated complex interaction of cells and mediators.

Cellular immunology is a remarkable example of specialised cell function. The effector and regulatory properties of the immune system are regulated by cell-cell interactions and by secreted factors such as cytokines, which act over long distances. Cambridge immunologists have made a sustained contribution to these areas, for example through the discovery of immuno-regulatory mechanisms in diabetes; the molecular basis for antigen presentation; and signal transduction in lymphocytes and neutrophils. This insight has translated into concepts for immune regulation by therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in human disease. Cambridge immunologists study cellular immunology and immune regulation using cutting edge approaches which includes in vivo models and human studies with relevance to autoimmunity transplantation and tumour immunotherapy.

Dr Camilla  Benfield
Lecturer in Virology, Royal Veterinary College
Dr Barbara  Blacklaws
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology
Dr Maike  de la Roche
Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Group Leader
Dr Tammy  Dougan
Cambridge Cardiovascular Research Centres Manager
Senior Research Associate
Career Development Fellow
Professor Andres  Floto
Professor of Respiratory Biology
Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator
Professor Gillian M Griffiths
Director of Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Dr John  James
Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Wellcome Trust)
Dr Pietro  Mastroeni
Professor of Infection and Immunity
Professor Yorgo  Modis
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Dr James  Nathan
Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow
Senior Research Associate
BHF Intermediate Research Fellow
Dr Stefano  Pluchino
University Reader in Regenerative Neuroimmunology
Honorary Consultant in Neurology