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We study CD8+ T cell differentiation, and immunosuppression within the tumor microenvironment. Since the CD8+ T cell is the primary mediator of anti-tumor immunity, the two themes are related. We have developed mouse models to study

(1) the development of the memory CD8+ T cell, and

(2) a tumoral stromal cell that is found in all human carcinomas and a variety of other sterile inflammatory lesions. In our CD8+ T cell studies, we have shown that a subset of effector CD8+ T cells maintain a replicative function, which will help us now to consider strategies for preserving this essential aspect of the CD8+ T cell response in adoptive T cell therapy for cancer. For our tumoral stromal cell work, we have just found that conditional ablation of a single stromal cell type abolishes immunosuppression within the tumor microenvironment and permits immunological control of tumor growth. We seek to apply this finding to improving therapeutic tumor vaccination.


Key publications: 

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Professor Douglas  Fearon
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