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Cambridge Immunology Network



A primary characteristic of many immune diseases is a deregulation in how they process and react to extracellular information. The goal of our group is to acquire a functional understanding of signalling networks, their deregulation in disease, and how molecular therapeutics interact with them. Our research is hypothesis-driven, and based on close collaborations with experimental groups. 

A key emphasis of our research is to build models that are both mechanistic (to provide understanding) and predictive (to generate novel hypotheses). To build these models, we combine the prior knowledge of the underlying biochemical processes with dedicated, functional, signalling data (typically phosphoproteomics upon stimulation with growth factors and cytokines).

In parallel, we study drugs’ modes of action by analysing genomic and phenotypic data collected in large-scale drug screenings. We then strive to combine this information with our prior knowledge of the underlying pathways to ultimately build integrated mechanistic models. Our premise is that these will have enhanced ability to discern the mode of action of existing therapies and provide avenues for the development of new drugs.


Key publications: 

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Dr Julio  Saez-Rodriguez
Not available for consultancy