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Cambridge Immunology Network


University of Edinburgh

School of Biological Sciences, Institute for Immunology and Infection Research


I am interested in the evolution of immunity, focusing on the chicken MHC.

Among our discoveries are the

1. existence of single dominantly-expressed chicken class I and class II molecules which determine the immune response to pathogens and vaccines,

2. importance of co-evolution between polymorphic genes that lead to the expression of a single class I molecule, and

3. presence of lectin-like (NK) receptor and CD1 genes suggesting they were present in the primordial MHC.

I continue to explore the

1. roles of chicken MHC molecules in resistance to pathogens and response to vaccines,

2. roles of polymorphism and co-evolution for MHC genes involved in antigen presentation, and

3. ramifications of our findings for the evolutionary history of the MHC.

My long-term plans include whole genome studies in chickens, development of chickens as a system with a smooth transition between field and laboratory for study of natural pathogens in a natural host, and work on other vertebrates.


Key publications: 

1.      Kaufman J, Milne S, Göbel TW, Walker BA, Jacob JP, Auffray C, Zoorob R, Beck S. 1999. The chicken B locus is a minimal essential major histocompatibility complex. Nature 401:923-5.

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9.      Kaufman J. 2018. Generalists and Specialists: A new view of how MHC class I molecules fight infectious pathogens. Trends Immunol 39:367-379.

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12.   Afrache H, Tregaskes CA, Kaufman J. 2019. A potential nomenclature for the Immuno Polymorphism Database (IPD) of chicken MHC genes: progress and problems. Immunogenetics, published on-line.


Professor Jim  Kaufman
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comparative immunology
natural killer cells
antigen presentation
helper T cells
T cell receptor (TCR)
antigen processing
cytotoxic T cells (CTL)
T cells
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animal models
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natural killer receptors
protein structure/folding