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I am a medical trainee in Nephrology, interested in immune modulation in renal diseases, ranging from autoimmunity to transplantation. I am particularly interested in the germinal centre response and production of antibody, and how breakdown in tolerance can lead to the production of high affinity autoantibody. My current research is focussed around patients undergoing immune modulation for renal disease and evaluating the alterations in lymphocyte subsets both during active disease and following immunomodulatory therapy. My aim is to gain a greater understanding of the germinal centre response with respect to production of autoantibody, allowing identification of new biomarkers of disease and potential targets for immunotherapeutics. 

Dr Elizabeth  Wallin
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
B cells
co-stimulatory molecules
statistical analysis
confocal microscopy
cross-sectional and cohort studies
helper T cells
T cells
affinity maturation
human studies
antibody responses
randomised control trials
isotype switching
cell culture
regulatory T cells
somatic hypermutation
clinical immunology