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Dr Nicholas Shenker

Research Interests

My interests are tied into chronic pain, in particular Complex Regional Pain Syndromes and I’m currently involved with some neuroimaging work. My work has a clinical focus and am Chief Investigator and Principal Investigator on several trials on the mechanisms and treatments for chronic pain, including using Intravenous Immunoglobulin for chronic CRPS, a multicentre, EME-NIHR sponsored £1.2m trial.


Key Publications

Kuttikat A, Shenker NG. Pharmacological modulation of central nociception in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Pain Management, 2011, 1:6.549-566.

Shenker NG, Shaikh MF, Jawad ASM. Transient osteoporosis associated with pregnancy: use of bisphosphonate in treating a lactating mother. BMJ Case Reports, 2010;  doi:10.1136/bcr.07.2009.2112.

Shaikh MF, Shenker NG. Current concepts in the understanding of pain in the rheumatic diseases. Current Rheum Rev, 2010; 6: 1-12.

Shenker NG, Shaikh MF, Lee M. Central mechanisms in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. ACNR, 2009: 9: 37-9.

Mouyis M, Ostor AJ, Crisp AJ, Ginawi A, Halsall DJ, Shenker N, Poole KE. Hypovitaminosis D among rheumatology outpatients in clinical practice. Rheumatology (Oxford), 2008: 1348-1351

Pyne D, Shenker NG Demystifying acupuncture. Rheumatology (Oxford), 2008; 47: 1132-1136.