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Cambridge Immunology Network

Dr Rachael  Bashford-Rogers
Group Leader
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
University of Oxford
MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow
Dr Camilla  Benfield
Lecturer in Virology, Royal Veterinary College
Dr Barbara  Blacklaws
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Virology
Dr Louise  Boyle
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Reader in Molecular Immunology
01223 333705
Professor Kevin   Brindle
Professor of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance
Senior group leader
01223 769647
Dr Menna   Clatworthy
University Lecturer in Transplantation Medicine
Rev Professor Alasdair  Coles
Professor of Neuroimmunology
Dr Janet  Deane
Royal Society University Research Fellow
Deputy Director Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Prog in Infection & Immunity
Dr Brian   Ferguson
University Lecturer
01223 333730
Dr  Emilio  Fernandez-Egea
Clozapine Clinic Lead
Professor Andres  Floto
Professor of Respiratory Biology
Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator
Dr Cedric  Ghevaert
Senior Lecturer Transfusion Medicine
Dr Jane  Goodall
Dr Stephen  Graham
Sir Henry Dale Fellow
University Lecturer
Professor Gillian M Griffiths
Director of Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
+44 1223 763327
Dr John  James
Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Wellcome Trust)
01223 267280
Dr Nicole  Kaneider
Wellcome Trust Clinical Career Development Fellow
Dr Patrycja  Kozik
Professor Sir Peter  Lachmann
emeritus Sheila Joan Smith Professor of Immunology
Dr James  Nathan
Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow
Professor Klaus  Okkenhaug
Professor of Immunology
01223 333726
Dr Andrew  Östör
Consultant Rheumatologist
Director of the Rheumatology Clinical Research Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Mr Gavin  Pettigrew
Reader in clinical and experimental transplantation
Dr Stefano  Pluchino
University Reader in Regenerative Neuroimmunology
Honorary Consultant in Neurology
Professor Derek  Smith
Professor of Infectious Disease Informatics
Director, Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Dr Suzanne Dawn Turner
Reader in cellular and molecular tumour biology