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Cambridge Immunology Network



  • Influenza A virus evolution
  • Immunodominance in antiviral antibody responses
  • Intravital imaging of antiviral immunity
  • Generation of MHC class I peptides


Key publications: 

Dolan, B.P., Sharma, A.A., Gibbs, J.S., Cunningham, T.J., Bennink, J.R., and Yewdell, J.W. (2012). MHC class I antigen processing distinguishes endogenous antigens based on their translation from cellular vs. viral mRNA. Proc. Nat’l. Acad. Sci. (USA) 109, 7025-7030

Lu, X., Gibbs, J.S., Hickman, H.D., David, A., Dolan, B.P., Jin, Y., Kranz, D.M., Bennink, J.R., Yewdell, J.W., Varma, R. (2012).  Endogenous viral antigen processing generates peptide-specific MHC class I cell-surface clusters.  Proc. Nat’l. Acad. Sci. (USA) 109:15407-15412.

David A., Dolan B.P., Hickman H.D., Knowlton J.J., Clavarino G., Pierre P., Bennink J.R., Yewdell J.W. (2012) Nuclear translation visualized by ribosome-bound nascent chain puromycylation. J. Cell. Biol. 197:45-57

Brooke, C.B., Ince, W.L., Wrammert, J., Ahmed, R., Wilson, P.C., Bennink, J.R., and Yewdell, J.W. (2013). Most Influenza A Virions Fail to Express At Least One Essential Viral Protein. J Virol.  87:3155-3162.

Hickman, H.D., Reynoso, G.V., Ngudiankama, B.F., Rubin, E.J., Magadan, J.G., Cush, S.S., Gibbs, J., Molon, B., Bronte, V., Bennink, J.R., Yewdell, J.W. (2013). Anatomically restricted synergistic antiviral activities of innate and adaptive immune cells in the skin. Cell Host Microbe 13, 155-168.

Das, S.R., Hensley, S.E.,  Ince, W.L., Brooke, C.B., Subba, A., Delboy, M.G., Russ, G., Gibbs, J.S., Bennink, J.R., Yewdell, J.W. (2013).  Defining influenza A virus hemagglutinin antigenic drift by sequential monoclonal antibody selection.  Cell Host Microbe, 13:314-23

Professor Jon  Yewdell
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