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Cambridge Immunology Network


Lots of immunology as part of the 'Cosmos of your body' and 'Why Snot' exhibits in the Department of Pathology at the Cambridge Science Festival

karsten csf2013

Karsten Koehler with a bag the 'snot' will be mixed and taken home in.

hannah csf2013

Andrew Chan and Hannah Siddle

yvonne csf2013

Last minute adjustments to the ingeneous giant cytotoxic T-cell- Yvonne Hackmann

red ball

blowing up target cells... Andrew Munro

karen csf2013

Karen Angus makes cytotoxic T cells taste sweet

alice michelle

Alice Denton and Michelle Linterman in full swing with snot

Also, Suzanne Turner made blood out of sweets (but I didn't get a picture)

Have you got any pictures of the Cambridge Science Festival we could put on here?