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Early Career Journal Club

Early Career Journal Club

Early Career Journal Club

The Cambridge Immunology Network strives to support our early career researchers. One way in which we do this is to provide funds to allow the Early Journal Club PapersCareers Journal Club to take place.

Every month, a group of like-minded young scientists get together to critique a paper in a relaxed atmosphere accompanied by pizza and refreshments.

This usually takes place at the Post-doc centre, Mill Lane on a Tuesday at 7pm. All PhD and Postdoc's involved in Immunology research are very much welcome.

If you would like to make new friends, get fresh ideas and maybe find someone to collaborate with then please get in touch with Dr Alice Denton for more details.Pizza

Upcoming events

The 19th Cambridge Immunology Forum – ‘Cancer Immunology’

Sep 20, 2018

Queens' College Cambridge.

Upcoming events

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