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GSK Discovery Partnership with Academia Fast Track Golden Triangle Challenge - call open External Call for proposals

last modified Oct 22, 2016 01:10 PM
This new Call for Proposals has a closing date of 28th October 2016. Key Questions that need to be considered before applying are: 1) Do you have a clear therapeutic hypothesis? 2) Do you have a defined drug target? 3) Do you have enabling expertise?

Applications to the Call – Help is available/ Notify your TTO

If you are thinking of submitting an application and would like some advice please feel free to get in touch with the OTR ( and/or Cambridge Enterprise (  as soon as possible.      Please note, it is a requirement of the scheme for PIs to notify your institution’s Technology Transfer Office (e.g. Cambridge Enterprise) prior to submitting an application.

 More information on the scheme can be found here