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Cellular signalling in cancer and immune diseases

During my research career I focused on signal transduction and cellular function in disease.  Beginning with the effects of COX-2 inhibition in heart disease for my PhD with Prof Anwar Baydoun I then went to investigate the cellular signalling associated with atherosclerosis with Prof Giovanni Mann at Kings College London.  This was then followed by investigating immune cell signalling associated with stroke and finally I studied cancer invasion mechanisms at Queen Mary, University of London with Dr John Marshall.  I have now moved to Abcam and remain passionate about science research. 


Key publications: 

Eberlein C, Kendrew J, McDaid K, Alfred A, Kang JS, Jacobs VN, Ross SJ, Rooney C, Smith NR, Rinkenberger J, Cao A, Churchman A, Marshall JF, Weir HM, Bedian V, Blakey DC, Foltz IN, Barry ST. A human monoclonal antibody 264RAD targeting αvβ6 integrin reduces tumour growth and metastasis, and modulates key biomarkers in vivo. Oncogene. 2012 Oct 29.


Churchman AT, Anwar AA, Li FY, Sato H, Ishii T, Mann GE, Siow RC. Transforming growth factor-beta1 elicits Nrf2-mediated antioxidant responses in aortic smooth muscle cells. J Cell Mol Med. 2009 Aug;13(8B):2282-92.
Dr Adrian  Churchman
Not available for consultancy