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Research assistant to Dr Michelle Linterman

At present I am involved in the projects looking at the germinal cell response which is a key factor for production of high affinity antibodies and generation of immunological memory. I get involved with histology and immunohistochemistry for generating quality data representing and validating the results obtained by FACS.

spleen col

Spleen section from immunised mice at day7 stained with  an anti-IgD(red) , anti Bcl6 (green), an anti CD4 (blue) and Foxp3 (white).The B cell follicle is stained with an anti-IgD. CD4+ Foxp3+  regulatory T cells (T-regs) can be seen at the T-B  border.


Key publications: 

Linterman MA, Pierson W, Lee SK, Kallies A, Kawamoto S, Rayner TF, Srivastava M, Divekar DP, Beaton L, Hogan JJ, Fagarasan S, Liston A, Smith KG, Vinuesa CG. Foxp3+ follicular regulatory T cells control the germinal center response. Nat Med. 2011 Jul 24;17(8):975-82. doi: 10.1038/nm.2425.

 Devina  Divekar
Not available for consultancy


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flow cytometry
molecular biology
germinal center
T cells
regulatory T cells
protein analysis
confocal microscopy