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Cambridge Immunology Network



Supervisor: Dr Jacqueline Shields

My interests predominantly lie in the interactions between tumour cells and their microenvironment, stemming from a research project conducted during my undergraduate placement year at HuGEF in Turin, Italy. Ranging from cytokine milieus to cellular metabolic states, from induced tolerance to metastatic processes; I wish to spend my research career further defining mechanisms that contribute to tumour progression. Having completed my undergraduate in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Plymouth in 2013, I am currently working as an MPhil student at the Hutchison’s MRC Cancer Unit at the University of Cambridge, looking at stromal-tumour cell interactions and metastatic processes. 


Key publications: 

Hardy, H., Harris, J., Lyon, E., Beal, J. and Foey, A.D., 2013.  Probiotics, prebiotics and immunomodulation of gut mucosal defences: homeostasis and immunopathology.  (Special issue: Nutrients & Immune function). Nutrients, 5, (6): 1869-1912. [JIF: 2.072, Doi:10.3390/nu5061869].

Head, M.G., Fitchett, J.R., Cooke, M.K., Wurie, F.B., Atun, R. Inequalities in research funding for women scientists: a systematic analysis of UK investments in global infectious disease research 1997-2010. [Submitted to BMJ Open].


 Jennifer  Harris
Not available for consultancy


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stromal immunology
tumour immunology
tumour metabolism