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My principal research interest is to understand the precise molecular signaling mechanisms underlying neutrophil (PMN) dysregulation in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). I am using a panel of novel small molecule PI3K class I isoform selective inhibitors to define the precise roles of individual PI3K isoforms on constitutive and modulated PMN apoptosis rates and their impact on downstream signalling pathways.

There is emerging evidence for the existence of functionally distinct PMN subpopulations with pro- or anti-inflammatory properties. I am developing methodologies to consistently identify/isolate PMN subtypes in order to delineate their precise functional capacity (i.e. oxidative burst, phagocytosis, NET production, adaptive immune function and bioenergetic/ lipidomic profiles) and define the downstream effector pathways regulating these functions.

These studies will inform our understanding of the role of PMN subtypes in innate and adaptive immunity and aid development of novel therapeutic strategies designed to limit the extent and duration of neutrophil-dominated inflammation without compromising host immunity.



Key publications: 

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Dr Jatinder K Juss
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
inflammatory mediators
human studies
phosphoinositide 3-kinase