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Supervisor: Professor Gillian Griffiths

I am in the final year of the 4 year CIMR PhD programme. I am interested in the mechanisms employed by cytotoxic T cells (CTL) to kill virally infected or tumour target cells.  An important part of this process is the movement of the microtubule organising centre of the CTL, the centrosome, to the point of T cell receptor signalling at the plasma membrane where the CTL interacted with its target cell. If the centrosome cannot polarise and dock at the plasma membrane then CTL are unable to kill their target cells.  This is because relocating the centrosome reorganises the microtubule network to permit precise, directed secretion of cytolytic granules at the CTL plasma membrane specifically towards the target cell.

During my PhD I have been investigating the role of centrosome proteins in CTL killing.  In particular, I have focused on centrosome proteins that could allow docking of the centrosome to the plasma membrane and also centrosome proteins that could regulate centrosome movement itself.


Key publications: 

Maike de la Roche, Alex T. Ritter, Karen L. Angus, Colin Dinsmore, Charles H. Earnshaw, Jeremy F. Reiter, and Gillian M. Griffiths. Hedgehog Signaling Controls T Cell Killing at the Immunological Synapse. Science 6 December 2013: 1247-1250.

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 Karen  Angus
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