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Kasparas Petkevicius

Research Interests

Supervisor: Professor Antonio Vidal-Puig

I am interested in the roles of adipose tissue macrophages during obesity. In particular, how macrophage phospholipidome affects its inflammatory polarisation and how that contributes to the energy expenditure and the development of systemic insulin resistance.


phospholipid ; energy expenditure. ; polarisation ; macrophages ; adipose tissue ; insulin resistance


  • obesity

Key Publications

Clark, K., MacKenzie, K., Petkevicius, K., Kristariyanto, Y., Zhang, J., Choi, H., Peggie, M., Plater, L., Pedrioli, P., McIver, E. and others, (2012). Phosphorylation of CRTC3 by the salt-inducible kinases controls the interconversion of classically activated and regulatory macrophages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(42), pp.16986--16991.