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Cambridge Immunology Network

Role of the microbial and inflammatory microenvironment in sporadic intestinal cancers

Technical University of Munich, Center for Translational Cancer Research (TranslaTUM)


My principal research interests lie in the field of mucosal immunology, especially in the context of intestinal inflammation and colorectal cancer (CRC). Working with different disease models in my scientific career has sparked my interest in disease-relevant genes and their immunological functions. In my previous research in the lab of Prof. Arthur Kaser (University of Cambridge) I was investigating how genetic and environmental risk factors associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may contribute to the development of intestinal inflammation. 

In my current research at the Technical University of Munich I am elucidating the causes and consequences of inflammation in oncogene-induced intestinal tumourigenesis. Inflammation and carcinogenesis are well known to be associated, however, it remains obscure how oncogenes (Kras(G12D), Braf(V600E) and Pik3ca(H1047R)) determine the inflammatory milieu in subtypes of sporadic intestinal tumours and how this affects tumour development and survival. I therefore aim to decipher and to target relevant immune cell subsets as well as pro- and anti- inflammatory signalling pathways that are associated with specific oncogenes and are involved in the formation of subtypes of sporadic CRC.



Key publications: 

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 Markus   Tschurtschenthaler
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