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Dr Shona Wilson

Dr Shona Wilson

Office Phone: 01223- 333332

Research Interests

My research involves multi-disciplinary, immuno-epidemiological studies on infection with trematode worms of the genus Schistosoma.  It concentrates on two strands: the responses that reduce worm fecundity and the mechanisms of immuno-pathology. Epidemiological techniques are employed to control for confounders, allowing immune mechanisms to be analysed in population based studies. I have been involved in studies on S. mansoni in East Africa, looking at re-infection in Uganda and malaria co-infection in Kenya.  Most recently, my research has concentrated on S. haematobium infections, first in Mali and now in Tanzania through a new collaboration with National Institute of Medical Research -Mwanza.

Key Publications

Wilson S, Jones FM, van Dam GJ, Corstjens PL, Riveau G, Fitzsimmons CM, Sacko M, Vennervald BJ, Dunne DW. Human Schistosoma haematobium anti-fecundity immunity is dependent on transmission intensity and is associated with Immunoglobulin G1 to worm-derived antigens. J Inf Disease (epub).

Pinot de Moira A, Fitzsimmons CM, Jones JM, Wilson S, Cahen P, Tukahebwa E, Mpairwe H, Mwatha JK, Bethony JM, Skov PS, Kabatereine NB, Dunne DW.  Suppressed basophil histamine-release and other IgE-dependent responses in childhood schistosomiasis/hookworm co-infection. J Inf Disease (epub).

Wilson S, Jones FM, Kenty L-C, Mwatha JK, Kimani G, Kariuki HC, Dunne DW (2014). Post-treatment changes in cytokines induced by Schistosoma mansoni egg and worm antigens: dissociation of immunity and morbidity associated type-2 responses.  J Inf Disease 209: 1792-1800.

Wilson S, Jones FM, Fofana HKM, Doucouré A, Landouré A, Kimani G, Mwatha JK, Sacko M, Vennervald BJ, Dunne DW (2013). Rapidly boosted plasma IL-5 induced by treatment of human schistosomiasis haematobium is dependent on antigen dose, IgE and eosinophils. PLoS NTD 7: e2149.

Wilson S, Jones FM, Fofana HKM, Landouré A, Kimani G, Mwatha JK, Sacko M, Vennervald BJ, Dunne DW (2013). A late IL-33 response after exposure to Schistosoma haematobium antigen is associated with an up-regulation of IL-13 in human eosinophils.  Parasite Immunol 35: 224-228.

Wilson S, Jones FM, Mwatha JK, Kimani G, Booth M, Kariuki HC, Vennervald BJ, Ouma JH, Muchiri E, Dunne DW. (2008). Hepatosplenomegaly is associated with low regulatory and Th2 responses to schistosome antigens in childhood schistosomiasis and malaria co-infection. Infect Immun. 76: 2212-2218.