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I am an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon specialising in translational immunology and immunotherapy for head and neck disease.  My specific research interest is in ectopic lymphoid tissue development in salivary inflammation due to infection, autoimmunity and cancer.


Key publications: 

Truman LA, Pekalski ML, Kareclas P, Evangelou M, Walker NM, Howlett J, Mander AP, Kennet J, Wicker LS, Bond S, Todd JA, Waldron-Lynch F. Protocol of the adaptive study of IL-2 dose frequency on regulatory T cells in type 1 diabetes (DILfrequency): a mechanistic, non-randomised, repeat dose, open-label, response-adaptive study. BMJ Open. 2015 Dec 8;5(12):e009799. PMID: 26646829

Vudattu NK, Waldron-Lynch F, Truman LA, Deng S, Preston-Hurlburt P, Torres R, Raycroft MT, Mamula MJ, Herold KC. Humanized mice as a model for aberrant responses in human T cell immunotherapy.  J Immunol. 2014 Jul 15;193(2):587-96. PMID:24943216

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Truman, L A, Ford CA, Pasikowska M, Pound JD, Wilkinson SJ, Dumitriu IE, Melville L, Melrose LA, Ogden CA, Nibbs R, Graham G, Combadiere C, Gregory CD. “CX3CL1/fractalkine is released from    apoptotic lymphocytes to stimulate macrophage chemotaxis”. Blood 2008, 112 (13) pp5026-36 

Truman L A, “Oh no, not Immunology!” ENT News: Volume 15 number 3.  

Truman L A, Ogden C A, Howie S E M and Gregory C D. “Macrophage chemotaxis to apoptotic cells in vitro: role of phagocyte receptors CD14 and CD36.” Immunobiology 2004, 209 pp21-30

Dr Lucy  Truman
Not available for consultancy