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T cell immunology
Single-cell technologies
Computational immunology


Supervisors: John Marioni and Gillian Griffiths

My research examines the activation and function of cytotoxic T lymphocytes. I am particularly interested in the regulatory networks underlying T cell activation and how these can be perturbed.


Key publications: 

Richard AC, Peters JE, Savinykh N, Lee JC, Hawley ET, Meylan F, Siegel RM*, Lyons PA*, Smith KGC*. (2018) Reduced monocyte and macrophage TNFSF15/TL1A expression is associated with susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease. PLoS Genetics, 14(9):e1007458.

Richard AC, Lun ATL, Lau WWY, Göttgens B, Marioni JC*, Griffiths GM*. (2018) T cell cytolytic capacity is independent of initial stimulation strength. Nat Immunol, 19(8):849.

Richard AC, Peters JE, Lee JC, Vahedi G, Schäffer AA, Siegel RM*, Lyons PA*, Smith KGC*. (2016) Targeted genomic analysis reveals widespread autoimmune disease association with regulatory variants in the TNF superfamily cytokine signalling network. Genome medicine, 8(1):76.

Richard AC*, Ferdinand JR*, Meylan F*, Hayes ET, Gabay O, Siegel RM. (2015) The TNF-family cytokine TL1A: from lymphocyte costimulator to disease co-conspirator. J Leukoc Biol, 98(3):333.

Richard AC*, Tan C*, Hawley ET, Gomez-Rodriguez J, Goswami R, Yang XP, Cruz AC, Penumetcha P, Hayes ET, Pelletier M, Gabay O, Walsh M, Ferdinand JR, Keane-Myers A, Choi Y, O'Shea JJ, Al-Shamkhani A, Kaplan MH, Gery I, Siegel RM, Meylan F. (2015) The TNF-Family Ligand TL1A and Its Receptor DR3 Promote T Cell-Mediated Allergic Immunopathology by Enhancing Differentiation and Pathogenicity of IL- 9-Producing T Cells. J Immunol, 194(8):3567.

Other publications: 

Eling N, Richard AC, Richardson S, Marioni JC, Vallejos CA. (2018) Correcting the mean-variance dependency for differential variability testing using single-cell RNA sequencing data. Cell Syst, 7(3):284.

Gawden-Bone CM, Frazer GL, Richard AC, Ma CY, Strege K, Griffiths GM. (2018) PIP5 kinases regulate membrane phosphoinositide and actin composition for targeted granule secretion by cytotoxic lymphocytes. Immunity, 49(3):427.

Griffiths JA, Lun ATL, Richard AC, Bach K, Marioni JC. (2018) Detection and removal of barcode swapping in single-cell RNA-seq data. Nat Commun, 9(1):2667.

Ferdinand JR, Richard AC, Meylan F, Al-Shamkhani A, Siegel RM. (2018) Cleavage of TL1A differentially regulates its effects on innate and adaptive immune cells. J Immunol, 200(4):1360.

Lun ATL, Richard AC, Marioni JC. (2017) Testing for differential abundance in mass cytometry data. Nat Methods, 14(7):707.

Peters JE, Lyons PA, Lee JC, Richard AC, Fortune MD, Newcombe PJ, Richardson S, Smith KGC. (2016) Insight into genotype-phenotype associations through eQTL mapping in multiple cell types in health and immune-mediated disease. PLoS Genet, 12(3):e1005908.

Richard AC, Lyons PA, Peters JE, Biasci D, Flint SM, Lee JC, McKinney EF, Siegel RM, Smith KG. (2014) Comparison of gene expression microarray data with count-based RNA measurements informs microarray interpretation. BMC Genomics, 15(1):649.

Vahedi G, Richard AC, O’Shea JJ. (2014) Enhancing our understanding of asthma. Nat Immunol, 15(8):701.

Meylan F, Richard AC, Siegel RM. (2011) TL1A and DR3, a TNF family ligand-receptor pair that promotes lymphocyte costimulation, mucosal hyperplasia, and autoimmune inflammation. Immunol Rev, 244(1):188.

Meylan F, Richard AC, Siegel RM. (2011) TL1A and DR3, a TNF family ligand-receptor pair that promotes lymphocyte costimulation, mucosal hyperplasia, and autoimmune inflammation. Immunol Rev, 244(1):188-96.

Fei J, Richard AC, Bronson JE, Gonzalez RL. (2010) Transfer RNA-mediated regulation of ribosome dynamics during protein synthesis. Nat Struct Mol Biol,18(9):1043.

Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
single cell transcriptomics
computational biology
cytotoxic T cells (CTL)
cell signalling
CD8 T cells
control of gene expression