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Cambridge Immunology Network


The complex effects of genotype on phenotype in immunology

Using a novel, high-throughput copy number assay for KIR typing we have shown that there are many unconventional arrangements of KIR genes. This assay can be used to understand the relationship between MHC class I molecules, their receptors and disease coEvery immunologist makes use of genetics at some level but the wealth of expertise and knowledge in Cambridge makes it an ideal environment for studying the complex effects of genotype on phenotype in immunology. Collaboration with the Sanger Institute has been a particular strength as immunologists have exploited emerging genome sequences. For example, there is expertise in the functions of polymorphic gene complexes such as the Major Histocompatibility Complex, Natural Killer Cell receptors and Immunoglobulin receptors which have a marked effect on disease susceptibility. Cambridge has been particularly successful in the area of complex multigenic diseases, include the autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes. These studies incorporate work from groups looking at human populations as well as mouse models. To understand how genes influence disease Cambridge immunologists make use of a wide range of techniques, including molecular biology, cell biology, imaging, biochemistry, structural biology, bioinformatics and evolutionary studies. This offers opportunities for many collaborative interactions, including the departments of Biochemistry, Medicine, Pathology, Genetics and Veterinary Medicine and Institutes such as Babraham, the MRC-LMB and the CIMR.

Dr Rachael  Bashford-Rogers
Group Leader
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
University of Oxford
Dr Daniele  Biasci
Research Fellow, Cambridge Alliance for Medicine Safety
Dr Shaun  Flint
Translational Medicine and Therapeutics PhD Student
Dr Judith M Fonville
MRC Biomedical Informatics Fellow
Junior Research Fellow, Homerton College
Dr Elizabeth  Murchison
Professor of Comparative Oncology and Genetics
 Komal  Nayak
Lab Manager in the group of Matthias Zilbauer
Professor Derek  Smith
Professor of Infectious Disease Informatics
Director, Centre for Pathogen Evolution
Dr  Ondrej   Suchanek
Wellcome PhD Clinical Fellow