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I have a background in biophysics and structural biology gained during my PhD with Dr Laura Itzhaki and a Post-doctoral post with Prof Nick Gay.  I am now applying these techniques to both isolated proteins and to proteins in a cellular context to investigate the properties and kinetics of protein:protein interactions that drive T-cell activation in John James's lab.


Key publications: 

Herre J, Grönlund H, Brooks H, Hopkins L, Waggoner L, Murton B, Gangloff M, Opaleye O, Chilvers ER, Fitzgerald K, Gay N, Monie T, Bryant C. Allergens as Immunomodulatory Proteins: The Cat Dander Protein Fel d 1 Enhances TLR Activation by Lipid Ligands. Journal of Immunology 2013 Jul 22 (epub)


Liaunardy A, Howard C, Murton B, Edwards A, Monie T. Pattern Recognition Receptors and Infectious Diseases. Chapter in Insight and Control of Infectious Disease in Global Scenario. March 2012 ISBN: 978-953-51-0319-6


Murton B, Chin W, Ponting C, Itzhaki L. Characterising the binding specificities of the subunits associated with the KMT2/Set1 histone lysinemethyltransferase Journal of Molecular Biology 2010 May 14; 398(4):481-8

Dr Ben  Murton
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