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I am interested in comparative anti-viral immunity and how this determines host range and viral emergence. I am currently working on host Interferon-induced Transmembrane proteins (IFITMs). 


Key publications: 

Benfield C, Smith SE, Wright E, Wash RS, Ferrara F, Temperton NJ & Kellam P. 2015. Bat and pig Interferon-Induced Transmembrane Protein 3 restrict cell entry by influenza virus and lyssaviruses. Journal of General Virology 2015 Jan 22. pii: vir.0.000058.

Long JS, Benfield CT, Barclay WS. 2015. One-way trip: Influenza virus' adaptation to gallinaceous poultry may limit its pandemic potential. Bioessays. 2015 Feb;37(2):204-12.


Benfield C. T. O , Ren H., Lucas S., Bahsoun B. & Smith G. L. 2013. Vaccinia Virus protein K7 is a virulence factor that alters the acute immune response to infection. Journal of General Virology. 2013 Jul; 94(Pt 7) :1647-57

Benfield, C. T. O, Mansur D, McCoy L. E, Ferguson B. J, Bahar M, Oldring A, Grimes J. M, Stuart D. I, Graham S. C. and Smith G. L. 2011. Mapping the IκB kinase beta (IKKß)-binding interface of B14, a vaccinia virus inhibitor of IKKß-mediated activation of nuclear factor kappa B. Journal of Biological Chemistry Jun 10;286(23):20727-35.

Benfield, C. T. O, Lyall, J. W. & Tiley, L. S. 2010. Wild type and nuclear-localised chicken Mx proteins lack antiviral properties against Newcastle Disease and Thogoto Viruses. PLoS ONE 5(8): e12151. 

Benfield, C. T. O, Lyall, J. W., Kochs, G. & Tiley, L. S. 2008. Asparagine 631 variants of the chicken Mx protein do not inhibit influenza replication in primary chicken embryo fibroblasts or in vitro surrogate assays.  Journal of Virology 82: 7533-7539

B.J. Ferguson, C.T.O. Benfield, H. Ren, V.H. Lee, G.L. Frazer, P.Strnadova, R. P. Sumner & G.L. Smith. 2013. Vaccinia virus protein N2 is a nuclear IRF3 inhibitor that promotes virulence. Journal of General Virology 2013 Sep;94(Pt 9):2070-81 

G.L.Smith, C.T.O. Benfield, C.Maluquer de Motes, M.Mazzon, S.W.J. Ember, B.J. Ferguson & R.P. Sumner. 2013. Vaccinia virus immune evasion: mechanisms, virulence and immunogenicity. Journal of General Virology 2013 Nov; 94(Pt 11):2367-92. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.055921-0. 

Dr Camilla  Benfield
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viral emergence
antiviral immunity
cell entry
natural killer cells