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Dr Camilo Colaco

Dr Camilo Colaco

Camilo Colaco is available for consultancy.

Research Interests

Development of vaccines targeting Dendritic cells and DC-based cancer immunotherapy. Specifically utilisation of heat shock protein complexes and Fc-tags to target antigens to DC for activation of both innate and acquired immune responses


hspCs ; immunotherapy ; vaccines ; immunobiology ; dendritic cells


  • vaccines
  • transplantation

Key Publications

Colaco CA, Bailey CR, Walker KB, Keeble J. Heat shock proteins: stimulators of innate and acquired immunity. Biomed Res Int. 2013;2013:461230.

McNulty S, Colaco CA, Blandford LE, Bailey CR, Baschieri S, Todryk S. Heat shock proteins as dendritic cell-targeting vaccines - getting warmer. Immunology. 2013 Apr 2
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