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Our lab studies the complex interactions between NK cell receptors and molecules expressed on fetal placental cells that invade into the womb during pregnancy and cancerous cells, mostly from ovarian cancer. 

Group members

Delia Hawkes - research assistant

Salvatore Valenti - lab manager

Evgeniya Shmeleva - research associate

Elin Bernson - research associate

Delphine Depierreux - research associate

Jyothi Jayaraman - graduate student

Emily Seshadri - masters student


Key publications: 

Huhn, O, Ivarsson M, Gardner L, Hollinshead H, Stinchcombe JC, Chen P , Shreeve S, Chazara O, Farrell LE, Theorell J, Ghadially H, Parham P , Griffiths G, Amir Horowitz A, Moffett A, Sharkey AM, Colucci F . Distinctive phenotypes and functions of innate lymphoid cells in human decidua during early pregnancy. Nature Communications 2020; 11(1):381 - *Selected as one of the most exciting Immunology 2020 papers by Nature Communication


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Flint TR, Jones JO, Ferrer M, Colucci F, Janowitz T. A comparative analysis of immune privilege in pregnancy and cancer in the context of checkpoint blockade immunotherapy. Semin Oncol. 2018 Mar 26. pii: S0093-7754(18)30067-8. doi: 10.1053/j.seminoncol.2018.03.005


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Nakimuli A, Chazara O, Hiby SE, Farrell L, Tukwasibwe S, Jayaraman J, Traherne JA, Trowsdale J, Colucci F, Lougee E, Vaughan RW, Elliott AM, Byamugisha J, Kaleebu P, Mirembe F, Nemat-Gorgani N, Parham P, Norman PJ, Moffett A. A KIR B centromeric region present in Africans but not Europeans protects pregnant women from pre-eclampsia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2015;112(3):845-50.


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Other publications: 

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Uterine NK cells are the most abundant leukocytes at the maternal-fetal interface (left). NK cells are spontaneously cytotoxic to tumour and virally infected cells (right).