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My research combines computational and experimental approaches to integrate our understandings of host innate immune signaling and regulatory controls with microbiota population dynamics and function. 
I am currently working to understand the role of microbiota in determining host biology, specifically colonization resistance to infection.


Key publications: 

Cheon H, Holvey-Bates EG, Schoggins JW, Forster S, Hertzog P, Imanaka N, Rice CM, Jackson MW, Junk DJ and Stark GR. IFNβ-dependent increases in STAT1, STAT2, and IRF9 mediate resistance to viruses and DNA damage. The EMBO journal 2013;32;20;2751-63

de Weerd NA, Vivian JP, Nguyen TK, Mangan NE, Gould JA, Braniff SJ, Zaker-Tabrizi L, Fung KY, Forster SC, Beddoe T, Reid HH, Rossjohn J and Hertzog PJ. Structural basis of a unique interferon-β signaling axis mediated via the receptor IFNAR1. Nature immunology 2013;14;9;901-7

Forster SC, Finkel AM, Gould JA and Hertzog PJ. RNA-eXpress annotates novel transcript features in RNA-seq data. Bioinformatics 2013;29;6;810-2

Rusinova I, Forster S, Yu S, Kannan A, Masse M, Cumming H, Chapman R and Hertzog PJ. Interferome v2.0: an updated database of annotated interferon-regulated genes. Nucleic acids research 2013;41;Database issue;D1040-6

Weiss G, Forster S, Irving A, Tate M, Ferrero RL, Hertzog P, Frøkiær H and Kaparakis-Liaskos M. Helicobacter pylori VacA suppresses Lactobacillus acidophilus-induced interferon beta signaling in macrophages via alterations in the endocytic pathway. mBio 2013;4;3;e00609-12

Bidwell BN, Slaney CY, Withana NP, Forster S, Cao Y, Loi S, Andrews D, Mikeska T, Mangan NE, Samarajiwa SA, de Weerd NA, Gould J, Argani P, Möller A, Smyth MJ, Anderson RL, Hertzog PJ and Parker BS. Silencing of Irf7 pathways in breast cancer cells promotes bone metastasis through immune escape.Nature medicine 2012;18;8;1224-31

Dr Sam  Forster
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innate immunity
gene regulation