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My research interests are in the area of the early events occurring after lymphocyte activation. CD45 is a transmembrane protein tyrosine phosphatase which is expressed on the surface of nucleated cells of the haemopoietic system. My group generated a null-phenotype "knockout" mouse for the CD45 gene. We have used this model to study the role of CD45 in development and regulation of lymphocyte activation. Our in vivo genetic complementation approach has led to two major conclusions. First, that CD45 is a non-linear dose-dependent regulator of Src family kinase, and consequently T cell, function with an optimum level of about 0.25x wild-type. Second, despite the general expectation, that the well-conserved protein isoforms do not differ sufficiently in function for this to be apparent even in our quantitatively sensitive in vivo system. I am continuing to pursue research into CD45 and in particular am trying to understand how the activity of CD45 is regulated.


Key publications: 

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