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My current research involves understanding how immune cells develop and function. More specifically, which factors are important for leukocyte lineage decisions, specification and maintenance. I am also interested in understanding how NK cells recognise tumour cells and how this may contribute to immunusurveillance. My background includes work with murine models of infectious disease (LCMV, Flaviviruses and some others), tumour models, mucosal immunology and dendritic cell activation.


Key publications: 

Li P, Burke S, Wang J, Chen X, Ortiz M, Lee SC, Lu D, Campos L, Goulding D, Ng BL, Dougan G, Huntly B, Gottgens B, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Colucci F and Liu P Reprogramming of T cells to natural killer-like cells upon Bcl11b deletion. Science 2010 Jul 2;329(5987):85-9


Liu P, Li P, Burke S. Critical roles of Bcl11b in T-cell development and maintenance of T-cell identity. Immunol Rev. 2010 Nov;238(1):138-49.


Burke S, Lakshmikanth T, Colucci F, Carbone E. New views on natural killer cell-based immunotherapy for melanoma treatment. Trends Immunol. 2010 Sep;31(9):339-45


Saudemont A, Burke S, Colucci F. A simple method to measure NK cell cytotoxicity in vivo Methods Mol Biol. 2010;612:325-34.


Lee LN, Burke S, Montoya M, Borrow P. Multiple mechanisms contribute to impairment of type 1 interferon production during chronic lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection of mice. J Immunol. 2009 Jun 1;182(11):7178-89.


Yadi H, Burke S, Madeja Z, Hemberger M, Moffett A, Colucci F. Unique receptor repertoire in mouse uterine NK cells. J Immunol. 2008 Nov 1;181(9):6140-7.

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cytokine/interleukin/chemokine receptors
stem cells
cytotoxic T cells (CTL)
natural killer receptors
T cells
human studies
cell development
natural killer cells
animal models
natural killer T cells (NKT cells)
dendritic cells