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Cambridge Immunology Network

Immune regulation of Cardiovascular disease

Research Fellow


I am investigating how different subsets of B cells regulate the development of atherosclerosis, in order to understand if immune therapies could slow or stabilise disease progression. Atherosclerosis is a complex disease with many contributing networks, including vessel wall inflammation, metabolism and the recruitment and activation of innate and adaptive immune systems.

Contrary to long-standing views, not all B cells play a protective, anti-atherogenic role. The identification of the diversity of B cell subsets and B cell functions means there may be multiple, potentially antagonistic, pathways by which B cells are involved in plaque development. Therefore, we are interrogating the mechanisms of B cell action and the subtypes of B cells that may be involved. We are also interested in how the BAFF family of ligands and receptors are involved in cardiovascular disease. We believe this research could lead to modification of current treatments used in other diseases to treat heart disease and stroke, may reveal novel pathways promoting atherosclerosis that could be targeted by new treatments and aid in understanding the links between autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular risk.

External Collaborators - Prof. Christopher Binder (Vienna, Austria) and Dr Pasquale Maffia (Glasgow, UK)


Key publications: 

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Other publications: 

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Dr Andrew Philip Sage
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