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Antibodies are critical for defence against a variety of microbes but may also be pathogenic in some autoimmune diseases. Many effector functions of antibody are mediated via Fcgamma receptors (FcγRs), which bind to the Fc portion of IgG. They are found on most cells of the immune system including dendritic cells (DCs), macrophages, NK cells, neutrophils and B cells. FcγRs may be activating (in humans FcγRI, IIA, IIC, IIIA, and IIIB) or inhibitory (FcγRIIB). Deficiency or dysfunction of the inhibitory receptor FcyRIIB is associated with the development of autoimmune disease.

Previously we have investigated the role of FcγRIIB in regulating the immune response to pathogens, (particularly Streptococcus pneumoniae and malaria), and in conferring susceptibility to the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus.

On-going areas of research aim to increase our understanding of the breadth of antibody effector function, particularly on the dynamic behaviour of immune cells. These include:

  • FcγRs and DC trafficking
  • FcγRs in lymphangiogenesis.
  • Interactions between FcγRs and innate immune signalling pathways, including the response to tissue damage (sterile inflammation).
  • FcγRIIB and B-T interaction
  • Renal mononuclear phagocytes – including the utilisation of two-photon microscopy for dynamic imaging of immune cells within the kidney.
  • Imaging immune activation in sterile inflammation in acute tubular necrosis in the clinic (Translational).
  • The role of B cell and antibody in renal transplantation (Clinical).


Group members

Miriam Berry

Rebeccah Mathews

Dr Gemma Banham


Key publications: 

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Dr Menna   Clatworthy
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two-photon microscopy
B cells
Fc receptors
sterile inflammation
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