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Dr Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall

Arthritis Research UK Senior Research Fellow

Jane Goodall is available for consultancy.


Department of Medicine:
Arthritis Research UK Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

Role of ER stress in inflammation

My work has identified that the response of innate immune cells to pathogens can be modified by the activation of cellular stress pathways.  This was clearly shown by the requirement for the ER stress induced transcription factor, CHOP, in the expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokine, IL-23. We are currently embarking on a 5 year research programme funded by Arthritis UK, to investigate whether collagen induced arthritis (an inflammatory condition that is highly dependent on IL-23) can be modulated by changes in the quality of the ER stress response.

The ER stress pathway allows the cell to adapt to stimuli that alter the protein folding capacity of the ER. Under homeostatic conditions this pathway may subtly modulate ER function. Stimuli that induce differentiation or physiological and infectious insults can induce acute changes in the ER stress signalling response. Defects in the ER stress pathway or potent ER stress signals may alter the balance between between the cell survival and pro-apoptotic pathways evoked during this response.

Induction of ER stress by pathogens

The role of stress signals in pathogen responses was clearly emphasized by experiments using the obligate intracellular pathogen, Chlamydia trachomatis. We identified that IL-23 expression induced by this bacterial infection was dependent on both toll like receptor activation but also on the expression of ER stress proteins including CHOP. This suggests that ER stress pathways play an important role in inflammatory responses to pathogens. A recently awarded Medical Research Council funded grant will addressing some fundamental mechanistic questions that will identify how microorganisms such as chlamydia and salmonella activate these cellular stress pathways.

ER stress in the atherosclerotic plaque

ER stress pathways instigated in macrophages as a result of cholesterol loading play an important role in the development of the atherosclerosis plaque. We are currently investigating in collaboration with Ziad Mallat (Division of Cardiovascular medicine) how modulation of stress pathways may modify the induction of apoptosis and macrophage differentiation.


T helper cells ; IL-23 ; T cells ; CHOP ; inflammation ; monocytes ; Toll-like receptors ; ER stress


  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • spondyloarthritis

Key Publications

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