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B cell differentiation is a highly regulated process. At every step of B cell activation and maturation, mechanisms exist for eliminating or inhibiting autoreactive clones. Deficient control of autoreactive B cells has been implicated in the development and maintenance of several autoimmune diseases. My work focuses on the different mechanisms controlling selection and survival of germinal centre B cells and plasma cells.

1- Survival and homeostasis of plasma cells in the bone marrow depend on soluble factors provided by the microenvironment. The control of long-lived plasma cell survival is a critical goal for the treatment of autoimmune diseases characterized by the production of auto-antibodies. I have recently showed that in lupus nephritis, autoreactive plasma cells mostly home and survive in the inflamed kidneys, suggesting that the renal plasma cell niche may constitute a new therapeutic target. The identification of this cellular niche is in progress.

2- The germinal centre reaction is crucial for the development of switched and high-affinity plasma cells and memory B cells following T-dependent immunisation. Potentially autoreactive clones might also be generated or expanded during the germinal centre reaction and need to be counter-selected. Using a knock-in mouse system where the FcgammaRIIb promoter from wild mice was introduced in a C57BL6 background, I have demonstrated that natural variants of FcgammaRIIb control the up-regulation of this inhibitory receptor upon B cell activation. Accordingly, these knock-in mice failed to up-regulate FcgammaRIIb on germinal centre B cells. Using this model, we were able to demonstrate that FcgammaRIIb up-regulation on germinal centre B cells constitutes an important mechanism controlling the counter-selection of autoreactive B cell clones and the affinity maturation.


Key publications: 

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