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Cambridge Immunology Network



Ken Smith established the Cambridge Immunology Strategic Research Network, which unifies both basic and translational immunological research across the broader Cambridge area.  He also runs the Immunity, Infection & Inflammation Theme of the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, which has an annual budget of £850,000, and is designated as a Federation of Clinical Immunological Societies International Centre of Excellence.

Studying immune regulation and autoimmune disease in patient cohorts and model systems, focusing on the biology of clinical outcome.

The Smith laboratory combines genetics, genomics, immunology and clinical medicine, integrating detailed laboratory analysis of mechanisms of immune regulation with a prospective translational medicine programme in major autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The main focus of the group is investigation of the biology underlying clinical outcome in immune-mediated disease. Western medicine has focused on categorising disease into defined diagnostic categories, but what determines patient outcome is the long-term course the disease takes following diagnosis. Our group have investigated the factors driving long-term outcome by prospectively collecting patient cohorts, and then following them for over ten years. Genomic studies identified a CD8 T cell signature associated with clinical outcome and T cell exhaustion. Genetic studies examining factors driving prognosis in Crohn’s disease have led to the description of a new pathway controlling inflammation, and a genome-wide association study (GWAS) has found further variants that associated with outcome but not susceptibility. The major concept arising from these findings is that there is a tractable biology governing long-term outcome in autoimmune disease that is distinct from that associated with disease susceptibility. The group are also leaders in vasculitis genetics, performing the first GWAS in ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV). This work is now focusing on larger GWAS powered to independently examine MPO-, PR3-, and Churg-Strauss vasculitis. Other recent findings have been in the area of immune regulation and autoimmunity, with a focus on the germinal centre. They include discovery of novel mechanisms of selection and tolerance in the germinal centre and the identification of a new cell type, the T-follicular regulatory cell. We have also uncovered many aspects of FcgammaRIIb biology, including the discovery that SLE-associated variants in FcgammaRIIb protect from malaria in mice and humans. Finally, clinical studies are performed in collaboration with both the Vasculitis and Gastroenterology services and have included the first study of B cell depletion therapy in vasculitis, leading to subsequent Phase III studies and drug registration.


 Group Members

Dr Paul Lyons (Principal Research Associate)

Dr Prasanti Kotagiri (Clinical Research Associate - PhD student)

Dr Federica Mescia (Clinical Fellow)

Dr Fiona Price-Kuehne (Academic Clinical Fellow)

Dr Laura Bergamaschi (Postdoc Research Associate – Lab Manager (part-time))

Ms Diana Pombal (Research Assistant)

Mr Kelvin Hunter (Bioinformatician:Web & Database Developer)

Dr Will Rae (WT Clinical PhD Student)

Mr Zinan Zhang (NIH OxCam PhD student)

Mrs Cecilia Matara (Research Nurse)

Ms Maddie Eppining (NIH OxCam PhD student) 

Dr Aimee Hanson (Postdoc Research Associate)

Dr Victoria Pelly (Postdoc Research Associate)

Dr Katrin Thorarinsdottir (Postdoc Fellow)

Johanna Jung (PhD student)

Ms Maja Nackenhorst (visiting PhD student)


Key publications: 

Professor Ken Smith Research Group Publications


Bergamaschi L, Mescia F, Turner L, Hanson AL, Kotagiri P, Dunmore BJ, Ruffieux H, De Sa A, Huhn O, Morgan MD, Gerber PP. Longitudinal analysis reveals that delayed bystander CD8+ T cell activation and early immune pathology distinguish severe COVID-19 from mild disease. Immunity. 2021 May 16.


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Other publications: 


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